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Your air ducts are not only meant to distribute filtered air throughout your home, but they also collect debris and dust that would otherwise be floating around. Air ducts are an important element of every home’s central HVAC system because they catch loose pollutants, but they are not indestructible. Because ductworks lack self-cleaning equipment, they are prone to accumulating a large amount of dust and other particles over time. If not properly cleaned or maintained, this can result in indoor air pollution, decreased air quality, retained moisture, and even mold growth! Another significant advantage of duct cleaning is extending your HVAC systems’ lifespan, avoiding failures and leaks that could strain your unit, and increasing your energy usage levels. A professional cleaning can not only increase the effectiveness of your system, but it can also save it from failing before it reaches its natural lifespan. Although many systems operate with unclean ducts, they are put under more pressure and consume more energy than those cleaned and well-maintained regularly. So, invest today in air duct cleaning that eliminates any harmful contaminants inside your ductwork for safer and healthier indoor air, efficiently working HVAC systems, and lower energy costs!  When in Santa Barbara, trust only Arrowhead Air Duct Cleaning for your duct and vent cleaning needs! We have been in the industry for many years now, providing excellent quality duct and vent cleaning services at affordable rates. In addition, we use high-powered vacuums and equipment to ensure that you only receive the greatest degree of cleanliness and sanitation possible. So, expect us to clean your ductworks thoroughly and properly, leaving no harmful contaminants behind, and get longer-lasting results!

Guaranteed Services You Can Rely On

Arrowhead Air Duct Cleaning provides unrivaled dedication to quality in duct cleaning services in the Santa Barbara area. We are well-known in the industry for our professionalism, knowledge, and competence in everything we do. We are committed to providing our customers with a healthier and safer living environment; that is why we provide comprehensive air duct and dryer vent cleaning, as well as the following services:

  • Air Duct Repair
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Dryer Vent Repair
  • Dryer Vent Replacement
  • Furnace Cleaning
Arrow Head Airduct Cleaning
Arrow Head Airduct Cleaning
Arrow Head Airduct Cleaning

Our specialists utilize cutting-edge technology, techniques, and knowledge to offer comprehensive, professional services that improve the indoor air quality of your home. Also, they are trustworthy, well-experienced, and highly skilled, and they always meet and exceed the appropriate standard code in cleaning and servicing procedures. Rest assured that working with us will give you peace of mind knowing that you employ the most dependable ADC experts in the industry!

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Reach out to the professionals at Arrowhead Air Duct Cleaning today, who are always ready to answer your inquiries and give quick answers to your air duct cleaning and service needs. Call us today at (805) 549-5910 to arrange your duct cleaning service appointment!

Chimneys and ventilation ducts become clogged over time, no longer properly conduct air. It becomes necessary to clean them. This work is dirty and requires certain skills. To keep the draft from disappearing completely, order chimney and vent cleaning in Santa Barbara. Arrow Head Company provides such a service.

Why contact us in Santa Barbara:
We respond quickly to the request.
We give a guarantee for work.
We employ masters with experience from five years.
24 hour call.
Our customers, including regular, leave positive feedback about our work. We do air duct cleaning in Santa Barbara with a special equipment in the arsenal and observing safety precautions, as we often have to work at height.

What problems usually occur:

Disturbance / Deterioration of the vent;
Soot clogging in the chimney;
Clogging of ducts with leaves, foreign objects;
Blockage by collapsed bricks;
Bird nests;
Back draft formation.
All of these problems are solved. But before duct cleaning works, a survey is carried out to find out the state of the ducts, the nature of contamination, and the location of the blockage. Based on the results of the survey, the method of cleaning and the necessary tools are chosen. If necessary, for example in the case of a gas leak, this act is provided to the gas company for the resumption of gas supply.

How the vent ducts are cleaned in Santa Barbara

It is necessary to provide access to the ventilation passageways. If necessary, move furniture out of the way.
The ventilation grille is removed. It must be cleaned and rinsed.
Debris and other foreign objects are removed from the vents. It is not uncommon for birds or pieces of bricks to get into the ventilation ducts.
Dust residue is removed with a vacuum cleaner. The grille is closed.
Checking the draught.
To clean the ventilation passages and chimneys, call a specialist from the service “Arrow Head”.

Reason to clean vent ducts in Santa Barbara

There are various signs that are an indicator that another disinfection of the ventilation system is needed. Just take a close look at the grilles of the ventilation systems to see:

Dust and cobwebs on the grilles;
mold from dampness in the ventilation system;
presence of an unpleasant smell;
Spring and fall are periods of viral diseases and influenza.

Any of the above signs is cause for another sanitization of the ventilation shafts and ducts. The Arrow Head Sanitation Service is strictly enforcing cleanliness. Our mission is to improve the health and safety of people in Santa Barbara.

Air Scrubber Plus

Dirty and contaminated air in your home should never be overlooked. If you think that you may need an air duct cleaning service, Arrowhead Air Duct Cleaning can help. With our team of licensed, bonded, and insured technicians give homeowners like you the fresh air you deserve. The atmosphere in and outside our homes is important to us, that’s why we choose to use eco-friendly cleaners to keep your family healthy. You can keep your peace of mind knowing that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the best possible air duct cleaning in the industry.

Arrow Head Airduct Cleaning

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